Should You Consider Plastic Bathroom Panels?

23 May

Should You Consider Plastic Bathroom Panels?

There are many advantages to using wall cladding in the kitchen or bathroom. You will not have to deal with rotting or decomposition with plastic panels and they are also not affected by UV rays and will prevent your rooms from suffering from dampness. Bathroom wall panels made from PVC are a very good alternative to conventional brick, wood or ceramic tiles and your bathroom can look really beautiful due to the wonderful array of style and colors that are available to match with your bathrooms existing color schemes. Plastic cladding is emerging as a very popular choice for internal decoration and many people are realizing the advantages that it has.

In the past people made wood their first choice when it came to cladding for their bathroom or kitchen but then they would have problems with damp or find that the wood became very unhygienic because of the buildup of dirt which could cause health problems. When you use wood cladding you are required to maintain it regularly to prevent these problems through the use of paint or varnishing and this can be a big job and also expensive. Owners of wood based decorations have also reported problems with insects in the house as the wood will attract them particularly if it has started to rot.

Being made from PVC means that wall cladding is very strong and flexible due to being coated with acrylic. Most PVC panels for bathrooms are made with hollow panels and this is an advantage as it provides great insulation properties and this in turn will go a long way in preventing the growth of mold so all in all it is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

Plastic wall panels are suitable for interior use because they are much more hygienic than wood due to the ease in which they can be cleaned. If you use wood or other materials then you can spend a lot of time cleaning whereas with PVC all that is required is a cloth and some gentle soap to make it look like new again. Unlike other materials there is no requirement to buy additional strong cleaning materials as your plastic panels can be easily cleaned with normal household detergents and some gentle wiping to keep the panels clean and hygienic so that there is no health risk to you and your family.

With wood panels you can have a problem with UV rays making the material fade and causing other damage and this is not so with PVC. Plastic also provides very good insulation and will keep the heat in your rooms. Installation of PVC wall cladding could not be easier as they have great flexibility and are very light. In any room it will be necessary to mold the cladding to fit in those difficult places and with plastic panels this is so much easier than with wood. Many people will be able to install plastic wall panels by themselves as it really is easy but if you don’t fancy doing it then hiring a builder should not cost much as it will be easy for them and will not take much time to install.

Your rooms will look truly beautiful with the number of colors and designs available for plastic cladding and you can easily make a match to your existing color schemes. Plastic paneling is the clear winner over wood and tiles for ease of installation and maintenance so check it out. 

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